1972, Park Circus/MGM, 104 min, France/USA, Dir: Jacques Deray

Hit man Jean-Louis Trintignant (recently seen in Michael Haneke’s AMOUR) is sent to L.A. to whack a mob boss. Once the job's done, he's trapped in a nightmare of strip clubs, Jesus freaks and "Star Trek" reruns, chased by assassin Roy Scheider and helped by go-go girl Ann-Margret. Plenty of bygone Los Angeles landmarks! Original uncut, uncensored, English-language version.

1983, Sony Repertory, 109 min, USA, Dir: John Badham

Déjà vu 1983! The government has unleashed its newest weapon: a heavily armed helicopter that can spy on civilians from 1,000 feet and incinerate entire city blocks. The only ones who can stop Big Brother (in the form of Malcolm McDowell’s fascist cop) from using it against us are Vietnam vet-turned-police chopper pilot Roy Scheider and his tech-savvy partner, Daniel Stern. Director John Badham's paranoid actioner flies high with stunning cinematography by John Alonzo and dazzling dogfights over downtown L.A.

1977, Paramount, 122 min, Dir: William Friedkin

Friedkin’s most visually awesome film follows small-time crook Roy Scheider from Brooklyn to the sweltering South American jungles, where he lands a job hauling nitroglycerine with hard-luck losers Bruno Cremer and Francisco Rabal. Rather than simply remake Henri-Georges Clouzot’s famed WAGES OF FEAR, Friedkin re-imagined the story as a cosmic vision of man vs. nature, climaxing in the mind-bending image of Scheider and crew literally pushing a loaded truck across a spindly rope bridge.

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